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Thank you to all of our parents and guardians who sent us positive messages regarding the spring lockdown. The staff thank you for your kind words. Here are a few messages which capture the feedback we received.

I think the school has done absolutely amazingly well considering all the obstacles they’ve had to deal with. Can’t thank them enough for dealing with everything. All have done brilliantly in these very difficult circumstances.

We appreciate the hard work that is involved from all of the Academy staff in these challenging times. H likes seeing her teachers online and is responding positively to the support they are giving. She is completing all of her learning tasks and is developing some very good ICT skills.

Thanks to all staff who have helped to make it possible for the remote learning and live lessons to go ahead. I know it’s been a big challenge for you all to get things in place with the government changing their mind very quickly about closing schools. It’s important that our children stay focused with learning at these difficult times. Thanks to all staff because I know not all schools have been able to have live lessons in place so quickly as Future Academies was able to.

I think the whole school has been amazing the quality of lessons, communication, wellbeing checks when needed, food vouchers with a menu N has made the omelette twice already. The teachers are doing amazing and my son is probably happier now during these lessons than attending school itself because of less distractions. We also loved the parents’ eve it was so quite could hear the teacher without all the noise of others and each appointment wasn’t able to overrun brilliant idea. All of you have been amazing thank you for all your hard work and support what a wonderful school.

I would like to say thank you to all staff working to help our children during these difficult times. If she has any queries she emails the teacher and receives a very quick response. Once again, Thank you!

I appreciate the schools efforts in this difficult period. I have found it useful to be contacted at the different stages. I am grateful the lessons are now live as has helped to keep my son engaged. Well done and thank you for all you are doing.

My children are enjoying the remote teaching through Microsoft teams. Thank you for all your hard work in providing a high quality remote learning provision for my children.

I praise all staff for their hard work in providing organised and informative lessons and for their understanding if something goes wrong online.


I'm grateful to all the staff, it's a challenging time for everyone but I feel the school and all the teachers have handled the situation the best they can. Thank you for all your support and hard work. Parents evening was particularly useful.

Amazing achievement to 'teach' each lesson at home. Organised & well-structured with support in place too. I am sending a virtual box of Heroes to each & every member of staff. Thank you.



I’m loving the fact H is actually looking forward to lessons next week and has already looked on his VLE to see if anything has been set. A huge turn around since his parents evening and hearing such positive feedback from his teachers has really encouraged him to get on and learn. Thanks to all the hard work of the staff at Future Academies Watford in these unprecedented times.


I believe the school are doing a fantastic job! Live lessons are brilliant. I would like to thank the school for all help and support you are providing the children. Thank you for helping to provide a laptop for T to access her online learning (I am very grateful). Thank you to all members of staff! You are all doing amazing!


Would like to say that I am very impressed with how well the remote learning and Microsoft team lessons are going. Communication between the teachers and K is great, organised well and would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all staff at the school.

A massive thank you to all of the teachers - they are managing to keep the kids engaged and busy. The school have organised all of this so well and I can imagine how much work it took to do so. Home schooling is much easier his time around.

All staff are amazing. They are doing their best in really difficult times and I appreciate all the hard work and effort that they are putting into my children’s learning. I think all the staff deserve a medal.

I think it's amazing how quick the teachers got everything into place so last minute and enjoying watching the PE lessons.