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Future Academies Watford

Future Academies Watford

Future Academies Watford

Welcome toFuture Academies Watford

Libertas per cultum

Governing Body


Future Academies Watford is sponsored by the Future Academies (multi-academy trust), founded by Lord and Lady Nash with the aim of broadening horizons for young people across the country. Core to Future’s vision is the belief that, with the right support, encouragement and opportunities, there are no limits to what students can achieve. Lord and Lady Nash are the Co-Sponsors and Co-Chair of Governors for Future Academies Watford. 

A MAT plays a number of roles in the life of an Academy, setting its direction, working with the leadership team to ensure that it provides the best learning environment for the students, and leading the Governing Body. The MAT is responsible for fostering progress in all areas of the school’s operation, promoting value for money and good use of public funds, and championing the Academy in the wider community.

Future Academies is a charity regulated by the Department for Education, and a company limited by guarantee 6543442. Future Academies’ registered address is Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT. For more information about the Trust, our Members, Directors and key documents, visit

For more information on the Governance Structure at Future Academies, click here