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Future Academies Watford

Future Academies Watford

Future Academies Watford

Welcome toFuture Academies Watford

Libertas per cultum

Our Staff

Our staff team is comprised of highly-qualified, passionate and motivated individuals, all united by one common goal: to inspire their students and guide them in achieving their potential.

Please see below for a list of the talented individuals who make up our teaching team. 

Senior Leadership Team

Ms. D Warwick Principal
Mrs. L Sudbery Senior Vice Principal
Mr. B Samuel Vice Principal
Mrs. L Wheeler Vice Principal
Mr. C Doody Assistant Principal
Mr. M Faccini Assistant Principal
Miss. B Modeste Assistant Principal

Our Teaching Staff

Miss. E Alder SCITT Teacher of History
Mr. R Ankomah Assistant Curriculum Lead for KS4 Maths
Mrs. S Anthony Teacher of Business
Miss. C Arnold Assistant Curriculum Lead for KS4 Science
Mr. P Aslam Teacher of Science
Ms. W Bandaranayake Teacher of Science
Mr. S Bateman Teacher of Maths
Mr. G Berkeley Teacher of Sport and Head of Year 7
Mr. C Brady Teacher of English
Miss. A Butler Teacher of Performance & Media
Mrs. S Cahill Assistant Curriculum Lead for KS3 Maths
Miss. A Carney Teacher of Food & Textiles
Ms. P Cox Head of Computing
Mr. T Cranfield Curriculum Lead for English
Mr. P Croft Head of History
Miss. J Davies Teacher of Sport
Miss. L Davies Assistant Curriculum Lead for Humanities
Mrs. P Dehaney-Murray Teacher of Science
Miss. G Douglas Head of RSE
Miss. E Fox Teacher of Humanities, Head of Year – Sixth Form
Miss. C Gallagher Teacher of Geography
Ms. L Garcia Teacher of Spanish
Miss. A Gauthier Assistant Curriculum Lead for KS3 Science
Mr. L Gladden Teacher of History
Miss. K Hambleton Curriculum Lead for Sport and Health
Mr. C Heley Teacher of Sport and Head of Year 9
Ms. D Henderson Lead Practitioner of Maths
Miss. L Jay Teacher of Art
Mrs. C Johns SCITT Teacher of English
Miss. S Kaur Teacher of Maths
Mrs. J Langdon Curriculum Lead for Performance, Media & MFL
Mr. P Lochray TIC KS5 Maths
Mr. P Lovis Curriculum Lead for Maths
Mrs. K Macrae Curriculum Lead for Humanities
Mrs. C Maddock Head of Art
Miss. T Majeed Teacher of Maths
Miss. S Makepeace Teacher of Food
Mrs. S Matthews Teacher of French
Mr. W Matthews Teacher of RE
Ms. A McAllister Assistant Curriculum Lead for English
Mr. D Mitchell Head of Geography
Mr. K Nanavati Teacher of Business
Mr. D O'Leary Teacher of Art
Miss. L Polson Teacher of Technology and Mental Health and Respect Lead
Miss. L Pond Curriculum Lead for Science
Mrs. S Rabee Teacher of Science
Miss. M Reeks Teacher of English
Miss. D Shah Teacher of Maths
Ms. G Shinde Teacher of Science
Miss. Y Small Teacher of English
Miss. C Sutton Teacher of Sport  and Head of Year 8
Miss. C Vallario Teacher of English
Ms. D Verdu Teacher of French and Spanish
Miss. K Walford SCITT Teacher of Latin
Mr. A Walter Teacher of Science
Mr. A Wheatley Teacher of Computing and Head of Year 10
Mrs. S Wilcock Teacher of English
Ms. K Williams SENCO – Teacher of English
Mr. O Williams Teacher of History
Mr. S Wilson TIC Health & Social Care

Our Support Staff

Miss. J Bloye Behaviour & Student Data Manager
Mrs. S Christy Food & Textiles Technician
Mrs. M Clark Assistant SENCO
Mrs. D Cole Head of Finance
Mrs. K Collett HLTA – English
Ms K Daniell Cover Supervisor
Mrs. A Denyer Exams Manager
Mrs. T Dobson Teaching Assistant – Maths
Mrs. L Driver Admin Data Manager
Mrs. K Elliott Medical Officer
Mr. M Foster Site Assistant
Mrs. J Grant Admin Officer
Ms. N Hunt Teaching Assistant – Year 7
Mr. D Jamison Senior Site Assistant
Miss. L Jay Art Technician
Mrs. R Malka Admin Officer – Reception
Miss. M McShannon Behaviour Support Manager
Mr. S Morton Science Technician
Miss. A Naureen Sixth Form Student Welfare & Attendance Officer
Mrs. D Phillips Senior Design Technician
Mrs. V Philpott Teaching Assistant – Social, Emotional, Metal Health
Mrs. R Pooley Assistant Head of Year – Year 7 & 8
Ms. K Posner Cover Supervisor
Mrs. M Potter Personal Assistant to the Principal
Mrs. D Roberts Finance Officer
Mr. A Sheikh IT Technician
Mrs. L Staff Welfare Manager
Mrs. S Syed Data Analyst
Miss. R Taylor HR & Business Resources Officer
Mrs. K Tumulty Teaching Assistant – Communication & Interaction
Mr. C Turton LRC Manager
Ms. S Whitman Attendance Manager
Miss. G Wilson-Crompton LRC Assistant