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Future Academies Watford

Future Academies Watford

Future Academies Watford

Welcome toFuture Academies Watford

Libertas per cultum

Principal's Welcome

Visitors to Future Academies Watford encounter our vision proudly displayed at the entrance for all to see: libertas per cultum – freedom through education. At the core of everything we do is a commitment to transforming the life chances of all our young people. Through our exceptional knowledge-rich education, rich and varied extracurricular programme, and warm and supportive pastoral care system, we nurture their development into confident, articulate and successful adults with the world at their feet.

Above all, three words are woven into our academy’s culture: knowledge, aspiration and respect. We believe that knowledge is the key to academic success. Students at our school are given access to the very best that has been thought, written and said over the centuries, delivered by knowledgeable and passionate subject-specialists. As a member of Future Academies, we endeavour to be at the cutting edge of teaching and learning practice: we continually revisit, evaluate and enhance our teaching practice, and our students study Future Academies’ acclaimed and bespoke knowledge-rich curriculum, developed by their very own Curriculum Centre.

Our teachers make every lesson count, and use their passion and expertise to challenge and inspire students, fostering within them a true love of learning. We have extremely high expectations of all our young people, both with regards to their behaviour and to their learning: we help them to develop the self-confidence needed to overcome obstacles, providing them with the support and guidance they need to achieve success.

In both the classroom and around the school site, our focus on students’ vocabulary, grammar and fluency of language can be clearly seen and heard. We believe that it is vital to teach our young people the importance of accurate speech and writing, and we place great emphasis on helping them to develop their ‘oracy’ (the ability to express oneself accurately and confidently in one’s speech). We believe that the ability to express oneself fluently in a variety of situations, to a variety of audiences, has the power to develop our students’ confidence, opening doors of opportunity, and we therefore provide our students with plenty of opportunities to practise writing and speaking in a range of different settings.

By having the highest academic and behavioural expectations for our students, we encourage them to have the highest expectations and  aspirations for themselves. At Future Academies Watford, we recognise that success is as individual as our students, and we celebrate their successes each day through our rewards programme. Our school environment is one that recognises and values the full spectrum of strengths, achievements, talents and contributions. We therefore reward effort and progress, and we encourage students to adopt an attitude of perseverance and hard work. We embrace a healthy spirit of competition, and we are proud of the wealth of opportunities on offer for our students, opportunities which span across music, sports and the arts. Students at our school are exposed to a range of information on their future options, and are supported to discover their passions and nurture their interests through our exceptional careers and further education advice programme.

The value of respect can be clearly seen in all that we say and do: we respect each other; we look out for each other; we speak thoughtfully and with kindness; and we always take the time to listen and respond. At our academy, we are proud of the collaborative relationships that we have established with our families and the wider community. By committing to working in partnership, we work together to help our young people develop into highly confident, responsible and polite members of society.

In short, we truly believe that an exceptional education can opens doors of opportunity, and this is why we have such high standards in all that we do. Our combination of bespoke knowledge-rich curriculum, high expectations for all, diverse extracurricular programme and nurturing pastoral support system provides our students with the best foundations on which to build purposeful, successful and fulfilling lives.

I warmly look forward to welcoming you to our academy.

Deborah Warwick, Principal