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Parent and Teachers

This area of our Careers Website is aimed at helping parents and carers source the information to help support young people in their future decisions. 

​Unifrog: A large part of your child's careers activities will take place on Unifrog which is an online careers platform. Your child will have a login for Unifrog, and you could ask them to log in and use their account or you could contact our Careers Leader, Mrs L King who can get you set up with a parent account so that you can explore the platform yourself. There is a lot of information on careers, college, sixth form, university, and apprenticeships on Unifrog, so this would be a great first port of call when looking to help your child with their career's decisions. You can also sign up to be notified of upcoming careers events on the platform that you can discuss with your child.

​Go to Sign In - Unifrog to sign in to Unifrog.

​Educational Options: Helping your child decide their next options, whether that is choosing their Key Stage 4 subjects, or what to do after completing Year 11/13. This can be a difficult thing and there are a variety of routes available once your child leaves Future Academies Watford. Please click on the links below to find out more.

KS4 Options

KS5 Options


University (p8)


Students will also receive at least one 1:1 meeting with an independent advisor. These meetings will usually take place in year 10 and will explore student’s ambitions and how they can succeed in accessing these.

Work Experience: The Academy and Trust are fully committed to providing work experience opportunities for students. These will take place in year 10 and in year 12. The academy will always review the needs of each cohort and seek to add additional opportunities if and when needed.

Types of Jobs: Students who have a vision of where they want to be in the future may find it easier to plan their next steps. To help students and parents to get an idea of what jobs are out there we would suggest using the Careers Search function on Unifrog and look at some of the following websites:


Local Labour Market Information: Providing our young people with current, relevant information on local labour market data is crucial in allowing them to make informed decisions about the next steps they choose to take in their career journey. Many jobs that exist today did not exist 10 years ago and there will be jobs available in 10 years’ time that we cannot anticipate now. It is important to keep up to date with what is happening locally, nationally, and internationally. Hertfordshire has a strong and growing business, finance, and legal industry, as well as a developing film and media profile. There are many new and exciting opportunities which are available to young people in these sectors. For more information about Local Labour Market Information, click here.

Helpful Resources

Support for parents and guardians (

Advice for parents about applying from UCAS

Parent Page | Notgoingtouni



Future Academies Watford is committed to providing high quality Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance to help inspire students and to enable them to make rational, informed career decisions. Future Academies Watford aims to meet all eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

Mr M Faccini is the SLT lead on Careers and Mrs L King is our Career and Enrichment Coordinator. It is, however, the strong belief of the school and the trust that the provision and delivery of careers education is not only the responsibility of a Careers Leadership, but of all staff at Future Academies Watford.

At Future Academies Watford we would like all subject areas to do the following:

  • Make use of the Career and Enterprise Company suite of ‘My Learning My Future’ teacher resources
  • have a prominent display that links subject learning and skill development to different careers
  • develop links with businesses and organisations
  • to invite alumni and other external speakers to come into school (virtually where an actual visit is not possible)
  • where appropriate to organise external visits by students to local businesses/organisations
  • record careers learning opportunities for students in schemes of learning - and encourage students to update their activities on Unifrog
  • take part in National Careers Week where all teachers start their lesson with a careers focus, such as talking about their career pathway or showing a short film where people in a range of job roles explain the relevance of skills developed in a particular subject area to their role. 
  • explore the possibility of developing real projects/challenges for students with a local business or organisation e.g., a local company setting IT students the task of designing/updating their website
  • consider the needs and interests of all students and ensure that information challenges stereotyping including gender and disability

Subject teachers will be supported to develop and integrate careers learning opportunities into their schemes of learning through INSET sessions and/or informal discussion with our Careers and Enrichment Team. The Careers and Enrichment Team will endeavour to include the opportunity at least once a year, to meet representatives of local businesses and organisations on the Academy site.

Useful websites: