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Future Academies Watford

Future Academies Watford


“Running alongside our knowledge-rich curriculum, education enrichment is one of the key pillars of Future Academies. At Future Academies Watford, we recognise that an educational enrichment programme can help raise aspirations or our students and assist them in achieving excellence in their education. 

At Future Academies Watford our education enrichment programme contains four key strands:

  • connect students to the world of work, future education, training and employment
  • enrich the curriculum
  • provide exposure to culture, the arts and sport
  • build character, integrity, resilience and judgement

By focusing on these strands, we believe that our students will develop into well-rounded, thoughtful citizens of our community.”


We recognise the difference between elite competitive sporting activity and that of wider participation: not all students want to partake in competitive sport but want the enjoyment and benefits that sport can bring.

With that in mind, we have both elite coaching in three sports: netball, football and cricket. We also have a wide range of other participation sports that take place at the academy, with the view to encourage students to try new and exciting sports.

All of our sports are offered to students of all year groups, regardless of ability. 

 The Arts

When students join Future Academies Watford, they are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

This opportunity is subsidised by the academy to ensure that all students can access the benefits that a musical instrument brings. We continue to support students who wish to continue learning their instrument throughout their time here.

Any student who plays an instrument can also join our orchestra who play at key events throughout the year.

We have also introduced LAMDA tuition to Key Stage 3 students. This gives students the opportunity to develop their communication skills as well as build confidence. We work with specialised tutors to ensure that all students are ready to take the national qualification by the end of the academic year.

 We also have a range of masterclasses delivered by our excellent art department; the art team provide opportunities for the students to develop and explore skills and techniques beyond that of the classroom. 


We are always excited to develop the social skills of our students. We have established societies that the students have expressed an interest in, as well as those that we think would be beneficial and support their future success. These societies aim to develop core knowledge and inspire students in their ambitions for their future. We have a Latin Club for those students who are new to the subject but wish to take it as a GCSE alongside reading clubs specialising in reading around key topics and subjects. We are always looking for, and entering students into, national competitions, including Young Enterprise and the Magistrates Mock Trial.


Exposing students to cultural trips enhances their understanding of our curriculum. This helps students understand the world around them and enables them to place their knowledge in the classroom into context. Our five-year plan of trips and experiences will include:

  • Ski trip to France
  • Houses of Parliament trip
  • Languages trip to France or Spain
  • Battlefields trip
  • Trip to Auschwitz


Careers Education Information and Guidance is an important part of preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

A planned programme of activities supports the students in choosing pathways at key transition points that suit their interests and abilities and helps them to work towards a career path and sustainable employment.

Our programme empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures.

We acknowledge that availability of information is a key factor in career choice and pathway decisions.

It raises aspirations, promotes equality, diversity, social mobility, challenges stereotypes and supports young people to achieve personal and economic well-being throughout their lives.